Inspirational Speakers Programme

Here at AGS we provide a unique environment of support where our students are encouraged to ask questions and to challenge themselves. They are inspired to grow and thrive in all aspects of society, both within their academic studies and in the wider world.

As well as academic excellence, we understand the importance of learning about values. We want our students to be able to go into the wider world as empathetic and caring people who understand others, and have a strength of character to enable them to define for themselves who they want to become.

Our Inspirational Speakers Programme is now in its 5th year and plays an integral role in our Character Education. Our senior students are given the chance to hear from speakers, both in-house and visiting, focusing on interesting and thought-provoking academic, social and cultural topics, as well as some hard-hitting life lessons.

Designed to inform and inspire, the programme aims to give our Sixth Form students the opportunity to broaden their horizons, and to promote intellectual curiosity beyond their A-Level subjects. The series is based around the theme of ‘what I wish I had been told at school’ and consists mainly of (but is not limited to) a series of lectures from Old Aylesburians based around their experiences, journeys, challenges and expertise. It plays a vital part in our values learning.

The series of lectures is continually evolving and includes inspiring topics and building awareness of how the world works. This is not a careers programme, but it could include a number of key careers talks of generic interest.

If you feel you have something to add to this pioneering programme then please contact either Mrs Venning, Deputy Headteacher or Alison Cox, Development Director.

Last term we were delighted to welcome back a number of familiar faces to share their journey and stories with our Sixth Form students.